Anne Johnson

Family Tree

This conceptual piece features all four sides (Dad's Dad, Dad's Mom, Mom's Dad, Mom's Mom) of my family up to my great grandparents. While keeping aesthetic minimalism in mind, I created these five boards to showcase the make-up of my family and each sides differences. 

To read each board you begin at the board on the far left. This board has every person's name and coordinates. Follow the coordinates [example (1,I,7)] to board 1, letter I, and number 7. Once meeting points I and 7, you will be lead to that member of the family. 

The circles represent each member. Cyan is male, Magenta is female, a black circle within a cyan or magenta circle resembles marriage, and a half circle represents divorce. 
The opposite circles on each line are the parents and the circles on each line are the children. 

Board three was not photographed.